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  • Enjoy water at every tap so delicious you will never buy bottled water again
  • Experience the benefits of "soft" water without using any salt
  • Keep your kitchen and bathroom fixtures looking sparkling and new
  • Eliminate the need to buy and carry heavy bags of salt - no consumables for 5 years
  • Great for the environment, watch your lawn and plants thrive with the pure, oxygen enriched water


The ECOsmarte Home Water Purification System provides the most complete list of benefits available in home water treatment today.  It makes the water feel "soft", leaving a clean feeling after showering.  It purifies all of the water in the house, for drinking, cooking, showering, watering the lawn, and doing the laundry.  The taste of the water is transformed into the most delicious water imaginable, and with the "softened" minerals left in the water,  the healthful properties of the water are left intact.  Now in over 100 countries, ECOsmarte's popularity and reputation continue to grow.

The most amazing benefit of ECOsmarte Home Water Purification is the powerful, yet natural method used to prevent bacteria and viruses in the water.  The oxygen/copper combination is an old and well established method for keeping water clean and free of pathogens.  This protection for bacteria and viruses is something that water softeners, and water filters, simply do not offer.


ECOsmarte provides purification systems for city water and well water, for homes of any size and capacity.  

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  • "We love being able to drink from all sinks! Even the ice cubes taste great!"
  • "The system takes very little time and maintenance."
  • "It leaves your skin feeing wonderful and the shine in my hair is amazing."