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How It Works

ECOsmarte developed a unique technology for purifying water without the use of chlorine or other chemicals. The technology can be adapted to anything that uses water.  The most popular uses for the technology is in swimming pools, spas, and home water treatment.

In pools , spas, and home water, ECOsmarte eliminates the need for chlorine. Swimmers and bathers can enjoy pure water without any chemical smells, eye burning, or dried out skin and hair. Instead, ECOsmarte water leaves a refreshingly clean feeling, with skin and hair feeling pleasantly moisturized.

In homes, ECOsmarte has the added benefit of eliminating the need for most water softeners. The technology leaves the minerals in the water, but changes them so that they are soft and do not develop the hard, crusty scaling hard water usually leaves.

Our systems come with a 5-year factory warranty, the longest in the pool, spa, and home water treatment industries. Our systems are made to last, with original systems still working in the field after 20 years.

The technology works by using the water itself, freeing one of the Oxygen molecules that is in the water (H2O). This leaves oxygen "dissolved" in the water. Highly oxygenated water is "healthy" water because it doesn't allow the growth of harmful bacterias which thrive in low-oxygen environments. The second part of the process is the copper ionization. The healthful properties of copper have been known since ancient times when Romans threw copper coins into fountains to keep them clean and algae free. The two technologies combined make our systems the only 100% chlorine free systems in the world.

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