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  • Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of swimming in chlorine-free water
  • Have an amazingly clear, sparkling, and easy-to-maintain pool
  • Feel soft and clean after swimming
  • Swim underwater without burning your eyes
  • Extend the life of your pool
  • Eliminate existing algae and calcium stains on and around the pool


The benefits of the ECOsmarte system are unequalled in the industry.  Lowering the cost, time, and effort of pool maintenance, while transforming the water in your pool into something you've only been able to imagine.  Swim all day without burning eyes or dried out hair.  Feel exquisitely clean and soft after drying off.   After swimming in an ECOsmarte pool, many people find it impossible to ever again swim in a chlorine pool.  To further reduce the time and effort spent on pool maintenance, ECOsmarte offers it's Fully Programmable Pool System", which operates on a predetermined schedule along with the pool pump and filter.

The ECOsmarte Swimming Pool System uses a powerful and natural combination of oxygen and copper to sanitize the water.  Now in over 100 countries around the world, ECOsmarte's reputation and popularity continue to grow.  Available as either the Standard Turbo or Fully Programmable,  both pool systems come with a 5 year factory warranty (the longest in the pool industry), with the option to upgrade with full credit from the Standard to the Programmable, within the first year.  Add years onto your pool liner, equipment, and everything in or near the pool.  Add to all of this the fact that you will save hundreds of dollars per year in chemicals.  Find out why our customers say, "ECOsmarte is one of the best purchases I have ever made."


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  • "My kids love the fact that they can now swim without the water burning their eyes."
  • "We are thousands of dollars ahead at this point and everyone loves our water."
  • "I can backwash the pool out onto the yard without having to worry about the chlorine killing the grass."
  • "The water is wonderful, soft and clear."