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  • ECOsmarte water leaves you feeling silky and soft
  • Enjoy soaking in clean, chlorine-free water
  • Eliminate the need to buy and store sanitizing chemicals
  • Extend the life of your spa and accessories
  • Enjoy the fresh clean smell of pure water - especially refreshing with indoor spas


ECOsmarte has been installed on every major brand of spa, on every continent in the world.  All ECOsmarte systems come with a 5 year factory warranty, the longest in the industry. Eliminate the need to buy, store, and bathe in, caustic chemicals.  Prevent bleaching of clothes, furniture, deck, and spa equipment, while transforming your spa into the therapeutic and luxurious investment it is meant to be.  Now in over 100 countries,  ECOsmarte's reputation and popularity continue to grow.

The ECOsmarte spa experience is unlike any other.  Every aspect of it is completely enjoyable, from first stepping into the spa, to drying off afterward.  Relax and breathe in the fresh clean smell.  Feel muscles unwind as the skin soaks in the soothingly soft water.  Afterward, dry off and enjoy the results, which is like having been in a moisturizing bath.  Your skin just breathes.  Find out why our customer say, "ECOsmarte was one of the best purchases I have ever made."


  • "Since installing the ECOsmarte system, my maintenance costs have dropped to almost nothing."
  • "My spa has never been this easy to take care of."
  • "The water looks great, feels great and smells great!"